Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Amazing Childhood Photography Examples..The Most Precious Time of my Life..

Shoots in beautiful black and white, photographer Suzanne Revy captures the emotions of childhood like no one else.
Her series, titled Small Wonders, stars her children, their cousins and friends in a wide range of enterprise including romping through forests, turning a dish-washing box into a cave and finding out just how far a frog can stretch. Most beautiful of all, however, is how Revy describes her work:
In about the third or fourth categorize, late in the afternoon when I should have been doing homework, I would go to the garden to play. I was a trailblazer and I would ride my horse back and forth opposite the grass from my homestead to a river. When it got too gloomy, I would be called into dinner and exile from this world for the day. By sixth grade, the time between visits to my backyard adventures grew longer. Now, as I look back, these make You better believe it… dramas, seem like inspections in a Garden of Eden, and as I grew up without seeing, the gates to it ended.
When children areintensely involved in play they seem far away. They originate veiled worlds through communication, dialogs and the art of staging plays. Their young voices breathe life into packed animals, they see dinosaurs and dragons hiding behind trees and under beds. I recognize the way they put the moves on so their hands and feet, and they way they find and handle small creatures, the way they smell, touch, examine and collect dirt, rocks, leaves- and more. How can they so fully engross themselves in this rich interior life? Which consequences will they remember and how? Is this talent, this inspiration to play universal?
I listen to my sons, and I watch them, but I do not always understand their stories, fantasy and mysterious secrets. When I photograph children, my own and others, I use the lens of the camera, a window if you will, to seek trace to the kingdom they have created. I am involved once again in child’s play, if only from a restraint, and that I have made a relationship between my childhood and theirs through my photographs.

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