Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

The Hunt for Jobs Ends Up Here..Get the Best Jobs of your Choice..Online or Offline..

Job search has evolved over recent years, with hundreds of companies piling in to the space. We’ve picked out ore than 70 that should help job seekers get ahead.

37signals.com – Programming, design, an executive jobs board.Alumwire.com – Focusing on job searches for college graduates and young alumni.Amiko – Online resume generator.
AuthenticJobs.com – Listings of companies looking for full-time and freelance web designers.
Bixee.com – Search by keywords, location, or browse by industry.
BookALesson.com – A site for personal instructors in sports and music to find students.
Care.com – Babysitting, nanny, child care, tutoring, pet care and senior care jobs.
Careerbuilder.com – General job search site.
Clickforlessons.com – Jobs board for private instructors in sports, art, music and the like.
Climber.com – Fill out a survey about yourself and get matched to a job by your interests.
CompanyMeetCreative.com – Part time, freelance, and contract job offerings for creative types.
Considerati.com – Technical job listings in Europe.
CoolWorks.com – Job listings for summer and seasonal jobs at national parks and resorts.
Coroflot.com – Allows for creatives to publish an online portfolio and search for jobs.
Craigslist.com – The infamous Craigslist. Select your city and search for jobs in your area.
Cvwarehouse.com – Lets you search for jobs in a confidential manner.
Daylo.com – Post yourself, list any specialized skills you could bring to a job.
Elance.com – Focus on freelance work related to graphics, web design, and content creation.
Eluta.com – Job searches focusing on Canada.
Emurse.com – Helps you convert your resume in to the hResume format for online use.
Findlaw.com – Focusing on hooking up lawyers with clients.
FreshWebJobs – Full-time and freelance web developer jobs.
GetAFreelancer.com – People looking for freelancers of all types.
GiggedUp.com – Post video resumes of yourself for prospective employers to search.
Gladoo.com – Focusing on jobs in India in the technology fields.
Glendor.com – Currently only covers San Francisco, shows jobs by markers on a Google map. Plans to expand to other cities later.
GoFreelance.com – Assortment of freelance jobs that allow you to work from home.
HireAHelper.com – Localized handyman jobs, post your availablility, get hired.
iHipo.com – International jobs and internships.
ILoveMyNanny.com – Directed solely to putting nannies together with families.
Indeed – Searches several job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages.
Isabont.com – Helps you manage your job search by letting you organize yourself.
Job-a-matic.com – Post job listings, and even add a job board to your existing site
Jobazaar.com – Focuses on small jobs, all the way down to needing someone to mow the yard.
Jobburner.com – Focusing on technical jobs, post your resume and search for jobs.
JobBoardReviews.com – Reviews job boards and helps you pick the right one for you.
JobDig.com – Dedicated to the Midwest, focuses on employment, training and opportunities.
Jobfox.com – Fill out your profile, view your job matches, and let people hunt for you.
Jobneters.com – Jobs from multiple countries, earn rewards for referring others.
Jobpile – Aggregates from numerous jobs boards to let you search them all at once.
Jobsandgigs.com – Design and development jobs boards, features customized RSS feeds.
Jobsearcheasy.com – Browse and search for jobs and earn prizes while you do it.
Jobster.com – Post your resume, get advice, join networks.
Krop.com – Creative and technology job listings.
Layoffspace.com – A site for the unemployed to gather, network and help each other find work.
LinkUp.com – Job aggregator that monitors thousands of employers websites.
Mapdango.com – View classified job listing on a Google map, seeing what is in your area.
Monster.com – One of the best known job search engines.
Odinjobs.com – Intelligent job matching for the technology field.
PageBites.com – Works for both employers and job seekers, searchable by jobs and regions.
Peekface.com – Read reviews of employers written by people with experience in the same company.
Place4Langs.com – Focusing on tutors of foreign languages of all skill levels.
Probook.com – Professional networking site for Canada.
Recruit.net – Millions of jobs from all around the world. Search by keywords and location.
Resolio.com – Create a professional looking resume and publish it online.
SalaryScout.com – Ever wondered if you were getting a fair salary offer? Use this site to compare it to what others report.
SeriousTeachers.com – Focusing on teachers, and schools looking for them.
Sidejobtrack.com – Job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management for the part-time independent contractor.
SimplyHired.com – Millions of jobs harvested from numerous sources.
Talentdatabase.com – Jobs boards for creative types such as artists, actors, dancers, musicians and much more.
TalentSpring.com – Features a resume builder, get your peers to review, and then search for jobs.
Talkbean.com – Connecting students and teachers from all over the world.
Tutorlinker.com – Tutors list your profiles and let students find you.
Tutorz.com – Specifically made to help tutors and students connect.
WebProJobs.com – Designed with web professionals in mind, features full-time and freelance jobs.
Whototalkto.com – Give people leads in to your former job, while getting tips on the one you want to get.
WiziQ.com – Connecting teachers and students for distance learning.
WorkTree.com – Job search engine with browsable categories including government jobs and Fortune 1000 companies.
Yahoo HotJobs – Jobs board owned by one of the largest web companies.
YorZ.com – Search for jobs or network with people inside your industry.
YourOnRamp.com – Focusing on career women trying to balance work and a personal life.
Zubka.com – Based in the UK, find jobs for yourself and earn money for referring friends to other jobs.

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