Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Natural and Casual but Beautiful Photography Inspiration with Cosmic Effects..

“I’m an unpredictable person, I experience dabbling with joy in the the disorienting and soft native excellence of light. Living in a limited small size town in New Jersey, I have never had a true flavor of life.
I love fact of being spontaneous and an exciting or very unusual experience, and the small qualities that give great pleasure things in life. It is my dream and much of lifelong emotion to travel the world and validate the lives of people, improvement of the mind by education, and a point of difference.
All aspects of producing images interest me, but I feel my rank in this world is the quiet photo-documenter on the side – taking photographs that would mean something in the coming years. To keep alive the history and time of my age. I picked up my first-class DSLR in January of 2009 and I am head over heels in passionate affection. I would consider myself self educated, seeing as I have never taken a photography course. The internet is my friend, my teacher, my inspiration. A lot of people like to call themselves not presently workable with unique power of sensing with the eyes of beauty, but I just call myself just a simple and regular girl with a compelling emotion for taking photos of life on Earth and the persons indefinitely I love. “
See at the earth through the eyes of a power of creative 16-year-old and if you are marked by good luck, you will watch something like that. Julia Wang (aka auroille) is a person in her teens who is “displaying signs of an obsession with bokeh, life, and a blush.” She uses double the act of exposing and honey quotes to cause to come into being wonderfully characterized by works of art. Like a the air inhaled of fresh air, each photograph serves as easily handled or managed reminder that the world is filled with inspiration, illumination and hope and that when we leave off to look in a circle, we can encounter simple indefinitely short period of time of happiness.

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