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10+ Really Funny and Weird Websites you Have Never Seen Before ..

Searching for these strange, funny, and interesting websites is really fun. I spent hours using all of the search engines in the known universe and I chose these among the many because they’re unique.
I know that many of you guys are stressed or bored (or stressed and bored), that’s why you should check the following and let your mind be blown away!
Are you ready?




Upon learning that Padme is dead, Darth Vader ended the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith with a heartbreaking, anti-climatic “Nooooooooo!”
Well, this website will be of much use someday when you learn something very troubling…like being permanently banned from Google Ads. “Press in dire situations”

2. Is it Tuesday?

Are you not sure if it is Tuesday? Visit this site to be certain, it bears the truth!

3. Snap Bubbles


It is said that bubble wraps can calm even the most angered soul in hell. You’d be lying if you say that you’ve never, ever, snapped a single bubble! Although the feel and sound of this is not like the real one, at least there’s an alternative to it during bubble wrap scarcity right?

4. Crush Checker


Deceive your friends to know the person of their dreams! Shame it worked on me once. *laughs*


This one I found at over a year ago. There’s a little charm in this website that made me share it with people I know and before I know it they’re all imitating what Zombocom is repeatedly saying. What is Zombocom? Click and know! I provided the script below in hopes that, one day, I’ll be hearing you say it too. *laugns*
I don’t know how to take a better screenshot for this because the site only has a banner and several circles, inches apart. Not quite a good use of white space.
The booming voice, like an evil genie, repeatedly says: “This is zombocom, and welcome to you who have come to zombocom! Anything is possible at zombocom. You can do anything at zombocom. The infinite is possible at zombocom. The unattainable is unknown at zombocom. Welcome to zombocom, this is zombocom!”

6. Gay Test


Do not lie to yourself and take this test only ONCE! Taking it twice suggests that you doubt yourself, ha!  Some things are not suitable for children like the following words…you actually thought I’m posting them here? *laughs* (Yes, I love laughing)



Surprise your friends with a worldwide sensation: You! Just upload your photo and wait until it is processed then send it to your friends and see their reactions! Although I don’t understand the language (I think it’s one of Switzerland’s languages) you won’t get lost because there are only two options to choose from at a given time. The photo I uploaded is a real sensation in his country. *laughs*

8.The Mobile Tracker


Enter a mobile phone number and let The Mobile Tracker do the job. Very surprising technology!

9.We Are Autobots

Bumblebee is in trouble, who’s he gonna call? Not ghost busters but you! Help him using your webcam.

Oh the good and the bad memories when IE6 was still walking with us compiled in this website to express users’ and developers’ sorrow and delight.
One must not speak ill of the dead so I’ll say “Nice try!”

11.Virtual Piano

Into piano but you don’t own one yet?  Easy, with Virtual Piano all you need is a computer with an internet connection and you’re good to go. Who knows, a Bach might be inside of you all along.


This chat AI really knows how to respond to things most of the time, it gets too clever it creeps me out of my skin!


13.Neon Bible

This one’s purpose is already known but it is still very strange. The guy in the photo, Win Butler, is singing Neon Bible. Not only that the song is sort of creepy, you can actually interact with him by clicking the hands and eyes (creepy effect, I’d say!). This can be inspiring in terms of how you can do promotions. I find this one very creative.

This is the first mysterious website I’ve seen, and from there on I started searching the internet for answers on what is inside. I stumbled upon a discussion board where a poster mentioned that he, allegedly, actually paid $100 for the chance of getting access and several months later the poster received an e-mail with a unique link to a section of the website. The e-mail said that they will give no answer to what is about, that there may be no answer at all.
According to other people is a place where artists meet. But let’s end the speculation here and I’ll shed some light, at least in an interview which can be read here: Click!
Over time the flash at changes, before this maze-like logo there was an ominous vampire-like eyes. You can use the WayWayBack Machine to see the changes over the past several months.

If there is there’s also There is a question in the homepage asking “Where is Heaven?” and it bears the promise to notify subscribers when Heaven comes to Earth. The screenshot below is taken after I subscribed. One question remains about the answer is, where’s the farthest reaches of the North?
I guess there’s only one way to find out, so I subscribed. Further research about only led to spiritual websites about Heaven.
I wish you had fun with all (or at least some) of the websites I featured. It’s your turn to share!

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