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Most Popular and Hottest Hollywood Celeb over Twitter ..The Micro Blogging Bird..

Twitter has created a new and strange dynamic with celebrities where fans are closer than ever to the celebrities they admire (or lust over). We went through the top accounts on Twitter sorted by number of followers and picked what we feel are the 50 hottest women you can follow on Twitter.We gave preference to the celebs that seem to handle their own Tweeting as opposed to women who just use the service solely as a PR machine, because where’s the fun in that? We want faux intimacy damnit!

50. Mandy Moore

Twitter Name: @TheMandyMoore
Number of Followers: 2.132.506
Mandy has had a busy couple of years, marrying longtime boyfriend, Ryan Adams and voicing the new Disney-princess in the feature film, Tangled. Mandy is enjoying the sweet success of the Disney ride, as she voiced both the speaking and singing voice of Rapunzel. If you are following Mandy you can expect a few tweets with general tips and tidbits but not too many per day.

49. Paris Hilton

Twitter Name:@ParisHilton
Number of Followers: 3.117.818
You know her as one of the most famous socialites in the world, heir to the Hilton Hotel Chain, Paris, has given us sex tapes, music and perfume. What is there that she can’t do? Paris has been on the Twitter bandwagon since it’s inception, constantly communicating with her fans. if you are following Paris you can expect several tweets per day and almost always a good night from the self-proclaimed Princess.

48. Maria Menounos

Twitter Name: @mariamenounos
Number of Followers: 74.172
She’s the entertainment news correspondent that’s not uber-obnoxious to listen to. Maria Menounos tweets her love for all-things sports, especially football. If you are looking for breaking celebrity news mixed in with Boston sports updates, then follow Maria.

47. Bethenny Frankel

Twitter Name:@Bethenny
Number of Followers: 319.531
You fell in love with her on Real Housewives of New York and now she’s one of Bravo’s biggest stars. With her own spin-off series, Bethenny Getting Married? one of the biggest draws on cable, Bethenny is cashing in on her Reality 15 minutes. With her own workout dvd, SkinnyGirl health series and healthy cook books, Bethenny has become a force. If you are following her expect several tweets, with a lot of RTs from her fans.

46. Giada de Laurentiis

Twitter Name:@GDeLaurentiis
Number of Followers: 183.383
She’s become one of the Food Network’s biggest stars and she will keep in touch with you on Twitter. Giada de Laurentiis, will tweet updates, recipes and all around fun-facts. Oh and don’t forget to check out her new product line available at Target.

45. Tyra Banks

Twitter Name:@TyraBanks
Number of Followers: 2.290.344
Tyra has given us plenty of models to talk about with her CW series, America’s Next Top Model. While she’s not walking the runway as much as she has over the past few years Tyra stays in touch with us on a daily basis through her talk show. If you are following Tyra expect random tweets but not very many on a daily basis.

44. Tina Fey

Twitter Name:@mg_tina_fey
Number of Followers: 29.080
She is one of the funniest people in Hollywood and she’s a dead-ringiner for Republican freelancer, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey is #45 on our list of hottest women who tweet. While you won’t get a ton of tweets from Tina she will from time to time throw a little antidote your way.

43. Mariah Carey

Twitter Name:@MariahCarey
Number of Followers: 3.550.784
Mariah Carey has been one of the biggest singers over the past two decades and now she’s heading into the next chapter of her life. Married to Nick Cannon they couple is happily expecting their first child in the Spring of 2011. Mariah will tweet several times a day but mostly just promotional references.

42. Kellie Pickler

Twitter Name:@kelliepickler
Number of Followers: 295.343
If you are looking for some laughs in your Twitter feed, then look no further than former American Idol contestant, Kellie Pickler. While we love Kellie even she would admit that she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Kellie will tweet her southern “thoughts” and while they may not always make sense they are definitely worth checking out.

41. Paulina Rubio

Twitter Name: @paurubio
Number of Followers:1.056.071
Paulina is one of the biggest international stars, dominating markets in Latin and South America. She tweets often, with pictures and promotional messages but the one catch, it’s all in Spanish. Sharpen you Spanish skills and follow one of the hottest women on the planet.

40. Kimora Lee Simmons

Twitter Name: @OfficialKimora
Number of Followers: 308.331
She’s a fashion mogul and she will tweet all the time! If you are looking for fashion trends or in some cases, what to buy the women in your life then take the time to follow Kimora.

39. Giuliana Rancic

Twitter Name: @GiulianaRancic
Number of Followers: 1.922.633
You know and love her from E! News and her reality series with hubby, Giuliana and Bill, seen on Style Network. Giuliana Rancic tweets regularly about her life, her reality show and of course, celebrity info. Giuliana is one of our favorites to follow.

38. Chelsea Handler

Twitter Name: @chelseahandler
Number of Followers: 2.827.916
She’s the Comedy Central host and author and Chelsea Handler is as cut-throat with her tweeting as she is in her stand-up routine. Handler who recently went on a tirade regarding Angelina Jolie, tweets quite a bit so be prepared. Good thing is, every once in a while you get a gem.

37. Alicia Keys

Twitter Name: @aliciakeys
Number of Followers: 2.470.870
Alicia is a new-mom and new bride but that hasn’t slowed her down. She is busy saving the world, one tweet at a time. Kim recently enlisted several of her celebrity twitter pals to give-up all forms of Social media to raise $1 Million for her Save a Child Charity.

36. Emmy Rossum

Twitter Name: @emmyrossum
Number of Followers: 67.799

35. Shakira

Twitter Name: @shakira
Number of Followers: 3.671.188
She’s one of the biggest international stars, Colombian born singer, Shakira, will tweet your heart out but it’s about 80/20 on English and Spanish. She’s been laying low for a couple of months but as she is about to embark on her new World Tour so be prepared for lots of tweets.

34. Jessica Alba

Twitter Name: @jessicaalba
Number of Followers: 819.705
You’ve loved her since Deep Blue and now she’s one of the hottest moms in Hollywood. Jessica Alba, mom to Honor, is still working but balancing work and family life. She tweets in moderation more of course, like any good celebrity, when she’s promoting a new projects.

33. Eva Longoria

Twitter Name: @EvaLongoria
Number of Followers: 1.032.307
Recently she confirmed her pending divorce via Twitter but prior to that Eva Longoria’s tweets are usually sincere and happy. The Desperate Housewives star tweets often enough to keep you informed but not too much to be irritating. I guess we’ll be able to scratch all the San Antonio Spurs updates from now on.

32. Eliza Dushku

Twitter Name: @elizadushku
Number of Followers: 679.166
You tried to watch her on the FOX series, Dollhouse and for the fall television season, you at least saw her supporting boyfriend, Rick Fox, on Dancing With the Stars. Eliza Dushku tweets quite a bit. Mostly random life factoids or what’s going on with her life. She will use it to also put out celebrity firestorms, for instance clearing up the rumors about storming off the set of the new TNT Drama, Bird Land. Also, she’s another whoe will always remind you she’s from Boston and will always tweet about her hometown teams.

31. Julianne Hough

Twitter Name: @juliannehough
Number of Followers: 167.301
She danced her way into our living rooms taking home back to back titles on Dancing With the Stars, now she’s launched a career in country music and waht she calls an “amazing” relationship with Hollywood’s busiest man, Ryan Seacrest. While she doesn’t have quite the Twitter following that her boyfriend does, Julianne will tweet pictures, tidbits about life and more importantly all her concert info.

30. Jenny McCarthy

Twitter Name:@JennyMcCarthy
Number of Followers:220.130
There’s nothing that we can tell you abut Jenny McCarthy that you don’t know (Or haven’t already seen for that matter) but if you follow her on twitter you’ll learn about autism and her nutty crusade to “prove” that vaccines are to blame. You’ll know if she’s dating and you’ll know if she’s out with girlfriends. You won’t see too many pictures of Jenny but maybe as she gains more followers she’ll become a little more willing to share.

29. Lady GaGa

Twitter Name:@ladygaga
Number of Followers:7.346.410
There probably aren’t that many of you that aren’t already following the current Queen of Pop music, Lady GaGa but just in case check her out. You’ll get the traditional celebrity updates, where the tour is heading, what is the next single but occasionally you’ll get a gem that you don’t want to miss. She does tweet often so be prepared to see much GaGa in your twitter feed.

28. Wanessa

Twitter Name:@wanessaoficial
Number of Followers:267.232
We try to make sure you are well-rounded and you may want to add Wanessa to your twitter followings. Now, all her tweets are in Spanish but like most girls outside of the US, she has no problem sharing photos and photos and more photos. You’ll be glad that you are now following Wanessa. Trust us.

27. Lea Michele

Twitter Name:@msleamichele
Number of Followers:449.716
She was just given Billboards first ever “Triple Threat Award” and lea Michele is riding high from her Glee fame and if you can’t get enough you should check her out on twitter. Lea tweets a lot, what’s going on, where she’ll be next and what’s coming up on Glee. So if you are a Gleeker, definitely check out Ms. Lea.

26. Elizabeth Banks

Twitter Name:@ElizabethBanks
Number of Followers:286.826
You may not recognize the name Elizabeth Banks but she’s one of those “if you saw her you know who she is” kind of stars. She tweets a lot, and you’ll find youself cheering her on. Whether its an audition or a movie that has already wrapped, Elizabeth is witty and hot…is there a better combination?

25. Ashley Tisdale

Twitter Name:@ashleytisdale
Number of Followers:3.784.250
Ashely Tisdale is one of the Disney darlings that has managed to keep her head on straight. No rehab, racy videos, just a nose job and working hard at trying to have a successful music career, you can follow Ashley’s day to day life. She tweets quite a bit and will keep you informed of what’s going on in her work life. She will talk family but seldom comments on relationships..for those wondering, the occasional picture will come across from Ashley.

24. Sara Brown

Twitter Name:@SaraBrownGolf
Number of Followers:1054
Now, we’re going above and beyond with this pick. You may not have a clue who Sara Brown is but if you have a chance check out the reruns of Big Break on the Golf Channel. The hot Sara Brown appeared on two seasons, Sandals (Which was an all women season) and the All-stars season which just wrapped, Big Break Dominican Republic. Sara just over the weekend made the LPGA tour and is going to be a force in women’s golf. She was an NCAA Golfer of the year during her career at Michigan State and hails from the land of the sun in Tuscon, Arizona. Trust us, jump on this bandwagon. She’s hot, great golfer and smart…she’s just what the LPGA needs.

23. Taylor Swift

Twitter Name:@taylorswift13
Number of Followers:4.784.108
Now that Taylor has turned 21 and is dating Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, maybe we can view her as a woman and not a child with a guitar. It’s time for Taylor to sing big-girls songs, sound good on live award shows and maybe tweet some naughty pics? Well, maybe not the last part but come on Taylor, have an alcoholic drink for crying out loud.

22. Marcy Rylan

Twitter Name:@EmmeRylan
Number of Followers:3054
The adorable Marcy Rylan may not be a name that most of you recognize but she’s been acting for the last several years on the daytime soap operas, Guiding Light and now The Young and the Restless. Marcy is hot and smart, while working on Guiding Light she attended and graduated from Columbia University. Now living in LA she and husband Don have a 1-year old son, Jackson. Her tweets are amusing and witty, check her out.

21. Sisanie

Twitter Name:@Sisanie
Number of Followers:7.202

20. Katy Perry

Twitter Name: @katyperry
Number of Followers: 4.888.875
She is approaching the 5 million followers mark and Katy Perry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Katy will tweet everything, updates on where she is and what she’s doing. Single, music and album info also comes straight from Katy’s mouth daily on her twitter account. Katy will retweet and is constantly chatting it up with other celebs on twitter. It’s not unusual to see a conversation with gal pals, Taylor Swift or Rihanna on a daily feed.

19. Audrina Patridge

Twitter Name:@AudrinaPatridge
Number of Followers:1.192.306
While Audrina doesn’t tweet as much as your would think (or expect) she’ll tweet info about where she’s going to be and what’s she going to be doing. Audrina will also keep you updated on the latest fashion trends and for all you guys, yes, she does tweet pictures.

18. Miranda Lambert

Twitter Name:@Miranda_Lambert
Number of Followers:165.049
Miranda Lambert has had a career year in Country Music and is finally breaking onto the “big stage.” She became engaged to fellow country singer, Blake Shelton, this year and took home her first Female Vocalist of the Year honors. Miranda tweets quite a bit, she’ll give you drinking and hunting updates as well as new songs she is scribing.

17. Zairanara

Twitter Name:@zairana
Number of Followers:304.113
She is one of Argentina’s most gorgeous models. Now, all of her tweets are in Spanish so if you are looking for something to actually read, just watch for tweets with links, she posts lots of pictures. You can thank us later.

16. Alyssa Milano

Twitter Name:@Alyssa_Milano
Number of Followers:1.178.510
No longer a child star, Alyssa Milano uses her nearly 2 million twitter followers to help sell her MLB clothing line as well as keeps herself relevant in today’s Hollywood circles. She tweets quite a bit and expect lots of baseball updates during the summer.

15. Nicole Richie

Twitter Name:@nicolerichie
Number of Followers:1.540.307
Nicole Richie and new husband Joel Madden tweet ALL the time. The pair will tweet about their private life and some pictures of their adorable children. Nicole has learned the art of sharing just enough while maintaining her privacy in Beverly Hills. If you are interested in her opinons, Nicole is a good one to follow.

14. Nicole Scherzinger

Twitter Name:@NicoleScherzy
Number of Followers:285.750
You can currently watch Nicole as a judge on NBCs Sing-Off but you can follow her tweets everyday. Nicole tweets all career info, where is is what she’s doing and who she’s with. If you are simply interested in peaking in on a celebrity life, check out Nicole Scherzinger’s account.

13. Nicki Minjai

Twitter Name:@nickiminaj
Number of Followers:1.903.561
With nearly 2 million followers, Nicki tweets music, photos and of course her opinions. The singer lets you know where she is and what’s next on her schedule. Don’t look too much for comic relief but tweets are definitely a release of irritating for Nicki.

12. Brooke Burke

Twitter Name:@brookeburke
Number of Followers:1.752.300
She’s a busy mom in Hollywood and she’ll tell you all about it. Brooke Burke offers advice on how to be an amazing mom, a sexy wife and a of course a busy career gal. She links from her personal blog a lot and will share some private moments as well. Pictures….some but they are worth it.

11. Demi Moore

Twitter Name:@mrskutcher
Number of Followers:3.217.198
Demi Moore tweets just to keep up with husband, Ashton Kutcher but she’ll also tweet the exceptional picture. Demi, who has been known to share quite a few bikini pictures with her tweeps also will post lots of charity links and reminds you of ways to be a better human being. Did we mention that she posts a lot of bikini pictures?

10. Dianna Agron

You’ve fallen in love with her innocence on Glee and now you can get to know the real “good girl” if you follow Dianna Agron on twitter. She does tweet some private info, just enough to keep the paparazzi from hounding her. Some of her Glee co-stars could learn a lesson or two from Dianna…sometimes being subtle is a positive thing.

9. Ciara

Twitter Name@Ciara
Number of Followers:762.202
She’s the R&B diva that is quickly approaching the 1 million followers mark on Twitter. Thanks to a good year of music, Ciara will tweet to your hearts content. You’ll always know where she’s at and who she’s with thanks to her tweets.

8. Ivanka Trump

Twitter Name@IvankaTrump
Number of Followers:867.506
She’s the daughter of reality television’s best or worst boss, Donald Trump, and Ivanka Trump keeps you updated on all her business deals via twitter. You’ll know where this socialite turned business woman is zooming off to next to complete the next deal for Trump International.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Twitter Name@JLo
Number of Followers:854.471
We’re going to be seeing a lot more of Jennifer Lopez as she prepares to judge her first season of American Idol but for now you can follow her work on Twitter. JLo will tweet photoshoot extras, charity work as well as general info about she and hubby Marc Antony. Don’t expect to see much about JLo’s adorable twins though, she tries to keep them out of the limelight.

6. Rihanna

Twitter Name@rihanna
Number of Followers:2.326.050
After coming off a huge year, Rihanna, is all over twitter. She now tweets appearances, tour dates and even locations. The Love the Way You Lie singer will occasionally tweet about her current relationship with Baseball player, Shawn Kemp and you may catch the occasional exchange with BFF Katy Perry.

5. Emma Watson

Twitter Name@EmWatson
Number of Followers:481.131
Now that Harry Potter has wrapped, Emma Watson, is working hard to transform from her long-time role in the series. She chopped off her hair, has been seen enjoying her time will studying here in the states at Brown University and will tweet to her fans. Emma doesn’t’ tweet often but when she does you don’t want to miss it.

4. Kim Kardashian

Twitter Name@KimKardashian
Number of Followers:5.547.777
She’s the queen of Twitter and what would our day be without words of wisdom from Kim Kardashian. She’ll let you know who’s she’s dating, where she’s filming her E! reality series and oh yeah, what she’s wearing. Kim tweets often, so be prepared for lots of messages but on the upside, you’ll send you lots of photos to get through the day.

3. Padma Lakshmi

Twitter Name@PadmaLakshmi
Number of Followers:115.991
The Top Chef host doesn’t tweet 24/7 but will tweet facts about her Bravo reality series as well as her goings-on in New York City. Don’t look for too much from Padma on her 11-month old daughter, she keeps her private life off the twitter feed.

2. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Twitter Name@MissEmmanuelleC
Number of Followers:8.492
She’s one of the most gorgeous faces on HBO, Emmanuelle Chriqui, will tweet from time to time but not everyday. With fewer than 10,000 followers, maybe we can convince her to tweet more by flooding her with followers. That seemed to work for Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian.

1. Sofia Vergara

Twitter Name@SofiaVergara
Number of Followers:230.557
Our number one hottest woman on Twitter is none other than Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. First of all the language barrier makes for some insanely funny tweets. Always plan on having to decipher Sofia’s tweets and be sure to use her “Gloria” accents are you are reading. She’ll post pictures, let you know where she is and what she’s doing and did we mention, she’ll post pictures.

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