Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Animals those are Immortal..Can't be Dead..

Is there any immortal animal in the world? the answer is yes. this 5 animal listed below could be called as the immortal animal, they were really hard to kill. who are they?? check this out.

East African Giant Snail
East African Giant Snail Immortal Animal in the World
East african giant snail resembles another snails but it can be grow up to 8 inch East African people have tried various things to kill this animals with .pesticides, poisons, until a flamethrower but even this creature still can not be killed
Water Bears
water bears Immortal Animal in the World
Water bears are microscopic water animals, water bear was really hard to kill, they can resist a nuclear bomb, they even can’t be freeze, they can stand with -273 celcius degree they returned to the dry form and when in this form they are immune to radiation. They are also resistant to liquid nitrogen and mineral acids. There’s only one way to kill this animal, that was by send water bears to the outer space and even then they could still be alive 10 days!
Tree Weta
giant weta Immortal Animal in the World
Tree weta was known as one of the creepiest animal in the world, They has a special protein in their blood which can make the water can’t be freeze it means that although the tree Weta frozen, their blood can still flow when they wake up.
Tree Wrta Brains and their hearts do not function well when they are frozen .. but they can return to a normal function when they’re unfrozen. So they can die and live again ..! Like a zombie!
lungfish Immortal Animal in the World
Lungfish was known as one of the world’s oldest water animal species, They can live even though no water or air for 6 months. They could live again after being given a little water
Immortal Jellyfish
immortal jellyfish Immortal Animal in the World
This is the real immortal animal, it means that this animal can’t die. this jellyfish are born and grow as usual .. but their lives was everlasting and will not ended .. they will return to the form of polyp (jellyfish baby) and their life started again from scratch!

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