Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Tattooed and Clothless Celebs and Personalities Looking Really Hot..Tatto Mania..

I happened to see this picture a couple days before the contest started...oddly enough, I had remarked on the fact that she doesn't have any visible tattoos in this picture. So I thought it only right to use this pic for a source. The tattoos I put on Jessica, were all originally vector objects I had in my collection. I'm sure many people will have a problem with this pic, because she isn't covered in ink...and it's mainly black-work. But for the record, a ton of full-color tattoos, doesn't seem very tasteful to me...or artistic. Also, I made the tattoos to appear 5 years (+/-) old. I always liked the soft lines that older ink has.
To help my new age friend finding the right spots for her energy stones, I tattooed a zen garden on her arm to guide her both visually and spiritually. It migth even help her with her meditation!?

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