Selasa, 07 September 2010

The Diving Heaven of Asia: Cambodia

Diving heaven eco-friendly and undeniably beautiful, Cambodia offers some of the best diving in Asia. Located on the pristine coastline of Sihanoukville & Ream is a unique holiday destination offering the ultimate diving experience in Southeast Asia. Pioneering green resort development in the region is the luxurious Song Saa Island Resort, an environmentally sensitive resort committed to the protection of marine habitats and local wildlife. Firmly devoted to conservation, a team of full-time marine biologists are on-board and dedicated to a conservation program. This program has been designed to help Cambodia learn from the experience of Thailand and develop in a manner that will reflect the beauty of the environment whilst preserving the unique nature and marine life Cambodia has to offer.
For those who are not experienced, there are several dive centres that offer PADI courses and a number of companies that will take you out to the uninhabited islands off the coast. An ideal destination for all divers, Sihanoukville & Ream is a must visit destination to experience the wonders of the underwater world.

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